Why go solar?

Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Energy Systems
Solar electric systems help you to shape your energy future and provide the ability to generate electricity from your roof. The electric company will purchase surplus electricity if the system generates more than you are consuming and the meter can spin backwards. As electricity prices rise, the value of your system and savings increases. Solar turns your roof into a mini-power plant for clean energy.

Shape Your Energy Future
Many people are taking control of their energy future with solar by reducing their reliance on the power grid, fossil fuels, and nuclear generators. Electricity rates are rapidly increasing and future price hikes are nearly certain. Solar allows businesses/families to look to their roof instead of to their pocketbook for their energy needs.

Smart Investment
Solar is a very low risk investment in your business/home, energy security, and the environment. Solar provides value on a daily basis while increasing the value of your property. You can either rent energy from the electric company with nothing to show for it or generate your own electricity. Generous government incentives include a California State cash rebate, federal tax incentives, and grants.

Simple and Reliable
Solar electricity is fully automatic and simple to monitor. The system has no moving parts and the panels that we use come with at least a 20-year-warranty. A display panel will monitor how much energy the system generates and how much is sold to the electric company when there is a surplus.

Cleaner Environment
Every solar system reduces the need to build more new coal and nuclear power plants. Photovoltaic systems help air and water quality, reduce nuclear waste, and provide solutions for climate change.

Helps Local Economy
Renewable energy has many positive impacts on the economy. Solar energy systems keep energy dollars close to home and create local jobs. There are many hidden costs to fossil fuels, such as air pollution, water contamination, resource depletion, and climate change that solar helps to prevent.

Increasing Popularity
Photovoltaic systems are rapidly growing in popularity, with a 700% increase in solar energy generation from 2000 to 2006 in the United States. Companies, institutions and families are increasingly looking to the sun as solar panel efficiency increases and government incentives make solar a very appealing energy source.

How It Works
Sunlight hits the solar cell and is absorbed by silicon, which is a semiconductor. This causes a chemical reaction and the release of electrons that creates a solar current. The electrons flow in a designated direction, creating an electric current that is then used in your household. If excess power is generated, the electric company will purchase the power from you. A special meter is installed by the electric company that calculates your credits from power sold back to the power grid.


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